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Now entering ‘The Twilight Zone’.

Wow, last week was quite kaleidoscopic. 

I felt as though I had been cast, guest star/top of show, in my very own episode of The Twilight Zone! 

The beginning of the week started with a bang.  As I sat joking with friends, the phone rang, a frantic family member on the other end. My grandmother was unconscious and on her way to the Emergency Room. The paramedics had already inquired as to her advance directives and it was made clear that we had all better get to her as quickly as possible if we wanted to say our goodbyes. We all practically killed ourselves through rush hour traffic to get to her side, to hold her hand, to whisper “I love you”s in her ear and to hold our thoughts together for her to open her beautiful hazel eyes once more for us to see. 

That woman has more lives than any feline I have ever met! Over the next 3 days, she pulled herself out of the grips of death and into her deliciously cantankerous and petulant old self! What a miracle to behold. I will never forget the shock on the doctor’s face as he walked into her room to see her awake and yelling at him that she wanted her morning coffee!!

As grandma was finally in full-fledged recovery mode and the family had thrown together a preliminary schedule for her care, I allowed myself to switch gears. I had the first two days of shooting for my new film “Snuff”. So, I headed out of the hospital and onto set; into a very dark, sadistic place. I had to make a complete 180; from taking care of someone, to “brutally torturing” another. Living the dream!

(Photo by Kerem Hanci)

It was a great set. Everyone was respectful of the tender nature of the material. Although things got pretty weighed down, we were all able to keep the mood light when appropriate. I was certainly in awe of the company, all true artisans, acutely aware of the common goal: telling the story. I put myself in Master Class, keeping myself open to discovering nuance in an unwavering and unnatural love without bias or prejudice. I am looking forward to my final shooting days as “Melanie”. She has given me an exceptionally passionate view of love, however unsettling it may be!

To view more stills from the set of ‘Snuff’ visit Photographer Kerem Hanci’s Blog:

That’s a wrap for the UCLA MFA Screenwriting judges

Recently, I was approached by a colleague to be a judge for the annual UCLA MFA Screenwriting Showcase Competition,  I immediately jumped at the opportunity! I believe that in order to be a great writer, not only must you write, but you must read! Adamantly!

They dropped off 4 television pilots for my reading enjoyment and I dove in! All four scripts couldn’t have been more different. It’s always fascinating for me to see the different ways in which people present their work. I’m not just talking about structure and story, but point of view or lack there of. You can tell almost immediately when a writer is trying to emulate someone else or some idea that has already been done. It’s one thing to be affected by the creative nature of those we admire, it’s another thing entirely to lose one’s own voice and perspective.

This is exactly what sets us apart as artists. Our definitive voice. Our unique perspective. As an artist, a storyteller, there is infinite room to touch the lives of others when it comes from a place of honesty and integrity.

I must say that it gave me insight. It reaffirmed in me my likes and dislikes, where my aversions lie and what arouses me. It provoked and inspired me to continue on my own path. To let my voice be heard for anyone who is so inclined to listen. For that I am grateful.

Poppies! Poppies! Poppies Everywhere!

I woke up yesterday morning with an itch to see the wildflowers. So, we rallied the troops and jumped in the car! We decided to head up north, about an hour outside of Los Angeles, to The Antelope Valley which is famous for its Poppy fields. As we entered the valley, the rolling hills, splattered with hues of orange, purple, blue and yellow, surrounded us. It was stunning! Here’s a pic I took of my husband, who is a professional photographer, taking his own pics.

We just sort of moseyed our way down back roads and small 2-lane highways, stopping along the way, whenever it fancied us. One ridge we drove up, we almost got stuck on! The road was unpaved and let’s suffice it to say that we did not have a suitable vehicle for such roads! But, when we finally made it up to the top of the ridge, it was worth it! The view of the poppies against the back drop of the snow-capped mountains was gorgeous!

After such a grueling expedition (ha!) we were of course, famished, so we made it our goal to find a cool little diner. Boy did we hit the Jackpot! Crazy Otto’s Diner in Lancaster has been voted #1 Breakfast in the Antelope Valley for the last 15 years in a row and it did not disappoint!

The service was impeccable and the food was divine, but I would be remiss not to mention the portions were completely exaggerated, so if you find yourself there, please (!) share!

Jennifer Fontaine stars in “Snuff”. Filming begins April 30th!

Booked a starring role in Peter Bruno’s new film “Snuff" which I begin filming April 30th in Los Angeles and before I go any further; No. It’s not porn! Although, it is a very sick and twisted love story about this couple who has truly defined love in a very different way. They have passed the point of no return and as the delve deep into their individual neurosis, the other is shocked and intrigued. I am really looking forward to the shoot. It will be mentally and physically demanding, but that’s what I live for! I love to dive into the unknown, heart pounding, no chance to come up for air and discover, explore, learn, live, create.

Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.

working on the new redesign for i’m pretty excited. It’s been waaay too long since the site has been updated. The new site will hopefully be more streamlined and easier to navigate and I really love the new color scheme. Rusts and browns…very calming to the eye! Will let you know when it is up and ready for human consumption! :)

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